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Mathematical Upper School

Mathematical Upper School

Math-1The idea behind the testing is the need to foster in the student’s studies professionalism and commitment, with the aim of expanding their training, making it the most complete and homogeneous as possible, and to strengthen their critical capacity and aptitude for scientific research. The intent is to deepen, on the one hand, the knowledge of mathematics and its applications to other sciences, and on the other hand, the relationship between the mathematical culture and humanistic culture, in the search for a common dialogue between the two types of training in theory between them.

The Mathematical Upper School consists of additional courses of study, according to a precise time schedule for each year of study.

The courses take advantage of the educational and scientific contribution of outstanding institutions in the academic and professional environment, characterized by the high degree of innovation in content and the experimental nature of the methods used.

Access to courses in the first year is through a selective test, while in subsequent years certain merit requirements must be met.

The courses will focus on the relationship between the study of mathematics and other disciplines, in particular, Literature, Physics, Philosophy, Logic, History, Chemistry, Biology.