Educational Trips

The International School of Lago Patria gives its students the opportunity to visit other cities and cultures throughout the school year. As well as local trips to museums and archeological sites our students visit places like France, Spain, England, and New York.

All of our outdoor lessons and trips are targeted towards giving our students a global view of the world and follows the environment around us. The trips also allow our students to practice their language skills learned throughout the year. All trips are organized through the school and students are chaperoned by the teaching staff both on local trips and outside of Italy.

The school follows all laws and regulations set by the Italian Government and local authorities.

Each class will organize field trips to support the content of the teaching program. Such trips usually are linked to the Unit currently being taught in the class. Parents always receive prior notice of such trips and are required to return a permission form. Any cost involved for trips is paid for by the parents.