Welcome to the International School of Lago Patria!

Our school organization is committed to supporting the mission of our school by collaborating with students, staff, and families to provide educational activities to all ISLP students from grades Early Years through Upper School.

We have very exciting events and projects coming soon for 2023-2024!  We are organizing many new trips, projects, and events for the new school year and hope you will be joining us for these special occasions.  Some of the important items this year are trips in and around Campania and YES, we will be taking outdoor lessons to places outside of Italy!  For projects we are putting in place the Project Based Learning (PBL) strategies this year to get not only our students involved and bring out their creativity but to bring in members of our parent community to assist in educating our students.  And if you didn’t hear about it we are also implementing the Siimus system in our school.  This is a music-based learning approach.

This year is going to be AWESOME!

We appreciate all you do for our community and your interest in helping improve the educational possibilities for our children. Thank you for your time. We look forward to enhancing school and community resources by collaborating with people like you. Be sure to keep up with news and events through the website.


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