The International School of Lago Patria is located off the main road in Lago Patria.

Our school is a paritaria school which is accredited by the Italian Ministry of Universities and Research. It is our goal to provide our students with the best opportunities and programs to achieve excellence in education.

We have four sections: Early Years (3-5 years of age), Junior (1st – 5th grade), Middle School (6th – 8th grades) and High School (9th-13th grades). Our curriculum follows the Italian standards, which is augmented with courses to create a challenging international program for all our students. Courses are taught in English, Italian studies are taught in Italian. Our students come from all over the world and we celebrate all the different cultures and traditions of our students. Many students are here in Italy because their parents are attached to the U.S Naval Support Activity and their co-located commands or with NATO, which is located 5 minutes from our school.

For parents stationed with JFC NATO we are located just around the corner from the main base. Parents stationed with JFC have the possibility of walking or riding a bike to work from our location.

We invite parents to come in and speak with our staff and tour the school to see what a wonderful environment we have for children of all ages. Please see the contact page to get in touch with the school.


International School of Lago Patria is the new frontier of education with a truly international identity and a strong passion for nurturing talent.

As an international school of Italy, ISLP ensures that its students can benefit from multiple growth opportunities thanks to the highest-quality academic curriculum, can develop a personal inter-cultural understanding, and be surrounded by strong human values like inclusiveness and respect.

At International School of Lago Patria the Learner is at the heart of the development strategy. Students with their dreams, interests, skills and willingness to learn and grow are for us the key resources to start with. On this assumption we designed the International School of Lago Patria.



At ISLP highly motivated professionals with a passion for learning and teaching deliver a child-centred curriculum using quality resources to cater for common as well as individual learning needs.

From ISLP Mission Statement

There are full-time teachers plus numerous part-time teachers at the International School of Lago Patria. The academic staff is supported by a number of others who prepare classrooms, look after the library, maintain the building, look after gardens and grounds, ensuring a safe and secure environment. The school’s financial and other administration staff involves a group of people who busy themselves with running the intense amount of daily documentation and running of the school. Altogether the staff provides a high level of education in a warm and inviting environment that all of our students and parents enjoy.

Amministrazione trasparente

Amministrazione trasparente (Dlgs. n. 33 del 14 marzo 2013)



Accredited school with the Italian Ministry of Education (MIM)