Admission Policies and Procedures

Admission Policies and Procedures

It is important that parents understand the process and policies related to the admission of students to the International School of Lago Patria.

Please read carefully the two enclosed statements referring to Admission. The International School of Lago Patria was founded to serve the children of internationally-minded families. As such we will attempt to accommodate the needs of such families. The admissions policy is designed to assess whether the school can successfully meet the needs of each applicant and determine if there is appropriate space in the school.

Application process

  1. Inquiry;
  2. Submission of documents;
  3. Interview;
  4. Assessment of application;

1. Inquiry

If a family is considering an application to the International School of Lago Patria they are welcome to arrange an initial inquiry meeting by contacting the main office by email or phone. This will be an opportunity to meet with the Head of School and to gain an understanding of the curriculum and expectations for studying in an international school.

Once a family is sure that the International School of Lago Patria is the school of choice for their child they should contact the school again to set up an Interview Day.

2. Submission of documents

After the initial interview, parents will be given the list of required documentation for registration with the school.  All documents must be received before registration can be completed.

3. Interview

On this day parents and the applicant will be interviewed by the Head of School and the applicant will sit the ISLP admissions tests. These tests are designed to help the admissions committee assess an applicant’s ability to access the ISLP curriculum.

For Early Years and lower primary applications, the tests and student interview are replaced with a class visit.

4. Assessment of application

No decision on entry can be made until the Application Process is completed and the Admissions Committee has met to discuss the results of the application. This will usually be within 24 hours of the interview day.

It is the aim of the committee to admit all students who can benefit from the education offered by the school. A child with special educational and social needs will only be admitted if the school can offer a program that will meet his or her individual needs. This will be discussed with parents at the initial stages of application prior to any formal application being made or accepted.

Pre-enrollment form

Use the form below to apply for your child’s admission to our school. Please, submit the form for each of your children (one form submission per child).

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