The School’s History

The School’s History

Summary of the School History

The International School of Lago Patria is located off the main road in Lago Patria which is situated not far from Naples. For parents stationed with JFC NATO we are located just around the corner from the main base.  Parents stationed with JFC have the possibility of walking or riding a bike to work from our location.

The school is situated in a quiet, green, residential area.   Bright, colorful classrooms which are excellently organized, greet the students every morning.  Each classroom in the Junior, Middle, and Upper School is furnished with new interactive whiteboards and specialized software.  There is also an interactive whiteboard in the Infant Section of the school.  The school has ample gardens and playground areas for the children.  There is parking available for parents.

The school originally opened in 1976 as an alternative school for American children with the U.S. military components stationed in Naples. In 1986, under the new direction of Mrs. Antonella Di Trana, the International School of Lago Patria was expanded and recognized by the Ministry of Education to provide an international education for all children in the Lago Patria and outlying areas. It provides a learning environment with a clear mission to meet the needs of the children of internationally minded parents through the medium of the English language.  There are statements of Mission and Philosophy which underpin the day to day operations of the school.

The school has, at present, a roll of over two hundred and caters for children in Early Years, Junior, Middle, and Upper School.

Accredited school with the Italian Ministry of Education (MIM)