All students are expected to wear the school uniform. For sports activities and P.E. lessons, children should wear tennis shoes, shorts and t-shirts or uniform tracksuits.

Jewellery should be kept to a minimum and avoid during sport activities. Earrings are to be discouraged as injury to the ears can result if they are caught on clothing, etc when playing.

All clothing should be labelled with your child’s name. Name tags are very useful, however, a simpler method is to use pens with indelible ink to write the name on the garment manufacturer’s label or washing label.
A complete change of clothing should be provided for pre-school children.

In wet conditions, it is imperative that parents send their children to school dressed in appropriate clothing. On days when the weather is considered by teachers to be inclement, outside play activities will be cancelled. On most days, however, pupils will be expected to participate in outdoor physical education activities and break periods to release their energy, to exercise, and enjoy the pleasure of playing games with their classmates. If children are dressed warmly and appropriately there is no threat to their health from engaging in these activities.

To order uniforms, registered (and logged in) users use the Uniform preorder application (GET INVOLVED > UNIFORM PREORDER)