Middle School

Middle School

20340460Welcome to the ISLP Middle School.

ISLP Middle School aims to deliver an International Education and at the same time provide the important elements of the Italian State Curriculum in such a way that skills are developed alongside knowledge, and the students become thoughtful, creative and valuable members of the International and Italian communities.

Our teachers are caring and experienced and are aware that students in this age group need security, support and success.

The core curriculum is comprehensive and challenging, helping students build a strong foundation in the major subject areas as well as several foreign languages.  We take the Italian Scuola Media Programme into consideration, since many students will progress from ISLP to an Italian “scuola superiore”. In addition, Secondary students are prepared for National Italian exams (licenza di scuola media) with benchmark exams (esami d’idonietà) at the end of each year so we can check the progress of our students against their counterparts in Italian schools. Students who are non-native speakers of English or Italian and need extra assistance with the language, are placed in our Learning Support Service, and if they need grounding in the basics of the language, may benefit from an intensive course, particularly in the first months of the school year

We are a very welcoming Middle School community and we encourage you to consider the opportunities we offer.


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