Early Years

Welcome to the ISLP Early Years section of our website!

Our aim is to provide a stimulating, positive and nurturing environment for young children. Our students are exposed to many pre-academics, motor and social activities. Children are active learners and hands-on experiences that allow for skill development are crucial. Activities are opened-ended as well as directed, allowing for:


Critical thinking
Imagination & Fun


We believe in strong home-school collaboration. By working closely with families, we guarantee optimum growth in the development of the whole child. ISLP students enjoy coming to school. We get to know them as individuals, appreciate and respect their uniqueness and welcome diversity.


In ISLP Early School , in addition to applying the already established methodologies pertaining to the Montessori Method, MUSIC  is the common thread of our days and becomes an effective means of achieving specific educational and social skills. But n according to the guidelines of the SIIMUS projectot only are our pupils brought into contact with music, but music is a vehicle for them to express and understand their emotions according to the guidelines of the SIIMUS project.