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Parents’ Project

Parents’ Project

The International School of Lago Patria Parent Project (P.P.) is a volunteer organization, led by parents, inclusive of all groups in the school community.

The PP shall recognize that all major decisions are made in consultation with the Head of School. The PP may elect certain of its members to form a smaller committee to work in close cooperation with the Head of School and her designee meeting together to discuss school and community related business.


All parents or legal guardians of students enrolled at ISLP and staff members are members of the PP and thus have the right to nominate and vote for those parents who wish to be a member of the PP.


The mission of the PP is to enhance and foster a supportive partnership throughout the school community in support of the International School of Lago Patria Mission Statement.

Core Values

The PP has certain agreed values which shall underpin the operations of the PP. They are:

  1. Positive and open communication
  2. Supportive involvement and inclusion
  3. Appreciation, understanding and celebration of the diverse needs of the school community.
  4. Interest in fostering pride, fun and enthusiasm within the school and its greater community
  5. Understanding and appreciating that students will benefit when parents are positively involved in the school.