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Self Service – Cafeteria

Self Service – Cafeteria

Lunch Program

The International School of Lago Patria participates in a healthy lunch program. Lunches are provides fresh each school day by a highly qualified, authorized caterer. The school lunch program, in confirmation of our commitment to utilize optimal resources and skills in order to reach a high quality level in the school self-service cafeteria.
Considering that a child, in his scholastic period, may consume up to 1500 meals, it becomes obvious that the efforts which we are making are important and incisive. It is our desire to make “eating together at school” not only a healthful experience but also an opportunity for developing autonomy, sharing rules for the common wellbeing, enjoying meals with a convivial spirit, getting to know and understand the flavors and colors of typical dishes, including our own local specialties.
For children, nutrition does not mean only the satisfaction of a physiological need; it also has deep significance for the young persons’ affections, emotions and relations with others. Mealtime at school accompanies children throughout an important growth phase, in which they develop behavior patterns and lifestyles.
Our aim is to develop a process of constant improvement in the nutritional quality and hygienic safety of the meals, which should be pleasant to the taste and also respond to children’s physiological needs.

The self-service cafeteria will allow the students to choose from a variety of items offered at lunch time, which will assist them in their personal growth and independence.

We recommend healthy snacks such as fruit and yogurt for the morning snack.

The menu is published monthly in reserved area (GET INVOLVED section).