History Day

Welcome to History Day! What is History Day, you ask? Each year we organize our students to participate in this event. Classes choose a historical topic related to the grade level curriculum theme, and then conduct primary and secondary research. Students look through archives, archives and archives, conduct oral history interviews, and visit historic sites.

Science Fair

Once a year the International School of Lago Patria holds a Science Fair for all grade levels. The Science Fair is designed to help your child develop the ability to explore and investigate a scientific topic in depth and use the scientific method. The process will allow each student to integrate writing, math, science and other curriculum areas. We hope the Science Fair will be a fun and unique way for your child to engage in learning and to explore science in more depth.

Turkish Children’s Festival

Each year our school is invited to participate in the Turkish Children’s Festival sponsored by the Turkish Community located on JFC NATO. This important event celebrates children from all over the world and brings together local schools in one arena. The festival also hosts a children’s drawing contest which builds interest in the arts and promotes creativity with the students.

Cambridge Exams

As you are aware this year we offer the possibility for our students to prepare for and take The Cambridge University exams.


It is now time for us to focus more precisely on each student and the exam which is most appropriate to their level of English.  We have organized the list of students and exams at school.  Please remember that the exams will be carried out in an official Cambridge exam centre.  As soon as location, dates, and times are available they will be posted to interested parents.


Library Project

The International School of Lago Patria has been working on the library project.  We have begun a catalog program and are in the process of ordering new books for this important project.  Our staff has been working together to go through what we already have in the library, looking at books for damage and how to actually place them on the shelves.  The school has been contacting different organizations to get donations to help build up our library for our school and students.


Book Club

Dear Parents,

We have the opportunity to order some wonderful books from Scholastic. Attached you will find the catalogue for the books that are available to our students. Don't miss this opportunity to order your student some books in English. This is a great way to encourage your child to read and build their comprehension and vocabulary skills all year long.