School Rules

School Rules

ISLP strongly believes that students need an ordered, structured environment in which discipline is seen to be firm but fair. School rules are based on courtesy, common sense and personal safety. The highest standards of behaviour and dress are expected and the school will deal firmly with students who behave unacceptably or fail to work satisfactorily.

The following school rules are based on common sense and good practice:

  1. Students should be polite and courteous to staff, each other and visitors;
  2. Students are expected to be punctual for school and lessons;
  3. Full school uniform is to be worn (See Uniform Section);
  4. Writing or scribbling on walls and desk, benches or anywhere else is strictly prohibited;
  5. The school buildings and grounds should be kept clean and tidy. Rubbish is to be put in the bins provided;
  6. Cell Phones are prohibited. Any student found carrying a cell phone, the phone will be
    confiscated and the phone must be picked up by the parents at the School Coordinator’s desk.11)
  7. The school will not accept responsibility for personal items lost at school;
  8. Students must not run around inside the school building. They must observe silence while walking through the corridors or while going up and down the staircase. It is strictly forbidden to play in the parking area after school;

 Classroom Rules

  1. Arrive on time with the correct equipment;
  2. Work hard and allow others to do the same;
  3. Follow instructions;
  4. Treat everyone and everything with respect;

Tuition Fees

The dates of payment of tuition fees are as follows:

  • September 1st
  • December 1st
  • March 1st

The reconfirmation of the registration for the following year must take place by February 18 of each year.