Learning Support Service

Learning Support Service

language-booksEnglish as a Second Language

The English as a Second Language Department at ISLP provides support for both learners who need extra help with their English language, and their teachers. The objective is to facilitate learners’ acquisition of the language and communication skills necessary to fully access the curriculum and take advantage of all learning opportunities within and outside the classroom.

Experienced and qualified ESL teachers support their colleagues in meeting the language needs of all learners through collaborative planning sessions and by providing information and resources. Furthermore, ESL teachers offer in-class support on a weekly basis, ensuring all learners for whom English is a second language benefit from their expertise.

Those learners with the greatest need follow a specially-designed ESL programme, delivered in small groups and tailored to their age and language requirements. These lessons enable learners to benefit from increased individual attention from an ESL specialist in the aspects of language specific to their needs.

Progress is monitored through ongoing formative assessment and the standardized Maculaitis Assessment of Competencies Test of English Language Proficiency II. All learners with ESL needs are closely monitored, in conjunction with teachers and support staff. Close communication with parents is recognized as an invaluable resource in a child’s acquisition of a second language and this is encouraged through regular parent meetings, written reports, e-mails, letters and via the student diary.